Monday, September 10, 2007

Israel Defense Force Uncovers Explosives Lab

Pictured here the IDF photo evidences a large cache of weapons and bomb making materials uncovered by a Paratroop IDF Brigade in Nablus.

The lab was destroyed by IDF. The nighttime raid, included the seizure of digital materials in 5 offices of the Daawa Foundation which is operated by HAMAS.

The Daawa Foundation serves as an HAMAS front which enables Islamic Terrorist Thugs, to transfer funds disguised as charity to the terrorist organization. This Shiite Terrorist front organization was formed in the late 1950's and rose in prominence in the 1970's when it waged an armed campaign against the Iraqi government. Daawa supported the Iran-Iraq war and is headquartered in Tehran.

Daawa has been declared illegal as it financially supports Islamic Suicide Bombers and other terrorists.