Monday, September 17, 2007

Iranian Weapons Intercepted in Afghanistan as it provides weapons to the Taliban, Hamas and Hezbollah

For the fifth time since April, NATO forces have intercepted Iranian made weapons being sent to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

In June NATO confirmed that Iranian weapons were seized in Western Afghanistan. On September 16 NATO security forces seized an Iranian arms shipment destined for the Taliban. The shipment included armor piercing bombs known as explosives formed projectiles which have been deadly being used in conjunction with roadside bombs. Of course, Iran denies the allegations saying, "...the charges are baseless...we have no interest in instability in Iraq or Afghanistan, we have good neighborly relations with the Heads of State who have praised Iran recently. Why should we send weapons to the opposition? Iran does acknowledge however in sending, what it calls political, moral and humanitarian support to Hamas and Hezbollah. (Radio Free Europe, June 27, 2007)

Nicholas Burns, Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs has said, "the United States has irrefutable evidence" that Iran is using its Revolutionary Guard to arm the Taliban.

Iran has relations with Islamic Terrorist Thugs of Hamas and Hezbollah and is manipulating affairs in the entire region for its own purposes. There is an Iranian roll in Gaza and in Lebanon and very recently, Israel Air Force destroyed a weapons shipment in Syria of materials being sent to Hezbollah.