Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Love of Hope --Cecilia Lau

"Every word in the "Love of Hope" reflects my feelings for the sick children and I am sure your heart may feel the same as mine.." --Cecilia Lau

Chung Jun Ho (Ah Ho) at 10 years old living in China, Panyu unfortunately was born with Beta Thalassemia Major, a severe genetic blood disease and had been surviving with regular blood transfusions, injections and intensive medication.

Ah Ho struggled everyday between life and death and in order to save Ah Ho's young life, his Mother gave birth to a little girl whose bone marrow was suitable for blood and marrow stem cell transplant to save Ah Ho's life.

Ah Ho's family now deeply in debt following ten years working to keep their young son alive needed to accumulate 300,000 RMB (about $45,576.00 USD) together with additional funds for patient after care and treatment.

After learning about the struggles of Ah Ho's family, Cecilia Lau, a talented artist, musician and Mother of three, wrote the Lyrics of "Love of Hope" to help raise fund's for Ah Ho's family.

The music originally written for Grace Charity Foundation for their "Purple Kid Project" helps to raise funds for children with heart disease in the povert areas of China.

In July 2009, Ah-Ho had a successful operation at Nan Fang Hospital in China, Guangzhou and is recovering well---God Bless Ah Ho and his family that endured so much, may they only know forever happiness, good health, and prosperity always.