Saturday, May 8, 2010

Children Tied To Leashes While Parents Work

Children tied to a wall for up to 10 hours a day while their parents work in a brick factory in Zhejiang Province.

So sad, child leashed and uncared for while her parents go off to work. If you can't care adequately for a Chinese child, contact me
and I will find a good home for them.

Barefoot and forced to sit on a cold dirt floor while his Mother works, children are traumatized for life being treated like an animal.

Children on leashes tied to steel bars. What sort of decent parent could do this to a child?

Caring Mother looking in on her child imprisoned while she works? What sort of Mother could do this?

Little boy tied to a wall with a leash while ignored by his parents.
How can any good Mother know her son cries out and ignore him?

China, Haining, in the town of Dinqiao, some 125 km from Shanghai

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China, Shanxi Province--Police Rescue Slaves from Brick Factory

H/T: PP.QQ.Com