Thursday, April 29, 2010

Terror at China, Leicheng First Primary School

China, Leizhou City--Leicheng Primary School student sleeping at a hospital in Guangdong Province after being attacked by a knife wielding man yesterday.

Leicheng First Primary School student, receiving medical treatment after being injured on Wednesday.

Chen Kangbing, a school teacher from Hongguan Primary School suffering from a mental illness and on medical leave since February 2006 broke into a primary school in Southern China on Wednesday, stabbing 16 students along with their teacher.

Leicheng First Primary School students suffered wounds to their heads, backs and arms remain in stable condition

More here from Shanghai Daily

Copycat Crime: Knife Wielding Man attacks 26 children, two teachers and a security guard at Zhongxin Kindergarten in the eastern City of Taixing, Jiangsu Province.

H/T: Xiao-Mei----Xiexie