Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iran: Opportunity Is Knocking, Will Obama Administration Promote Democracy?

A great opportunity presents itself to the Obama Administration, to promote Democracy, Peace, Respect for Human Right & Freedom in Iran.

Will the Obama Administration encourage Democracy or sit idly back on the side-lines and do nothing?

It appears that B. Hussein Obama is going to choose the disastrous policy of the latter saying "...it would not interfere with the struggle
for power" between the Iranian regime under the leadership of the Grand Islamic Wizard Ayatollah Khamenei and Ahmadinejad but remains willing to open up dialogue with the Islamic Fascists.

How really unfortunate for sure. The events that are now occurring, provide the Obama Administration with an opportunity that hardly seemed possible just a couple of weeks ago.

During the Clinton Administration, they attempted to covertly
increase economic pressure on Iran but didn't go nearly far enough.

Kenneth Timmerman in 1996 published a paper entitled Support Democracy & Change In Iran arguing that the USA must encourage Democracy in Iran, help to unify the opposition, increase focus on Iran's dismal human rights record and coordinate with key USA democratic allies.

During the Bush Administration, they attempted to undermine and destablize the Islamic Fascist Iranian regime by funding increased covert operations and promoting clandestine operations in Iran from southern Iraq.

The Obama Administration has been provided most favorable circumstances to demonstrate leadership, promote freedom and independence in Iran and fund pro-democracy demonstrators.

Providing money to Iranian Revolutionaries, training and intelligence, for the first time since 1979 has tremendous opportunity to realize
real change, which would end funding of Islamic terrorism around
the globe, saving lives of Americans and our Allies, assuring respect for human rights, peace, freedom and Democracy in Iran.

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