Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Forced abortion kills mother and baby in China, why is Barack Obama culpable

Via The Epoch Times

China's One Child policy has resulted in the death of a young Mother and her 9 month old baby.

According to a Doctor at the hospital where the two died, the young woman was kidnapped by the "Birth Control Office" and taken to the hospital where she was forced to undergo an abortion procedure.

The young woman fought with staff to protect her unborn child however a half a dozen men, pushed her down on a bed and
injected her with a drug to induce labor.

After the young woman had a still birth, she developed a massive hemorrhage and soon thereafter died.

How much blood does President Obama have on his hands? How responsible is he for contributing to the death of this young woman and her 9 month old baby?

On the 26 January LifeSite News.com reported, that President Obama confirmed that the United Nations Population Fund, which helped to instigate, perpetuate and enforce China's One Child policy, would again receive taxpayers funds. President Bush had halted funding of the program in 2002

How much responsibility does Obama share in the Chinese child trafficking trade? In China, some families will sell their girl babies
in order to try for a boy since China's One Child Policy limits most families to have but one child.

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