Friday, June 19, 2009

China, Free Zhiwen Wang !

Via Free Zhiwen Wang

My Dearest Dad:

Within a couple of months, my life completely changed. Everything is so unpredictable . I got engaged and then---married !

I wish you were here to share my life and happiness with me. I only wished that you could have been there to put my hand into his. At this milestone in my life, I miss you as ever or more, I don't want you to miss the important moments of your only daughters life. :(

During last call talking to family, they said that you have known I got married. You were really happy for me. I instantly couldn't hold my tears anymore. I felt heart wrenching sore. Your unselfish good wishes for me, mean so so so much and I can't even share this precious moment with you but I will, one day, recall all the happy memories with you together.

My husband is an extremely nice guy, who has always been supportive of you. Together, we try to tell people your story and Fulan Gong. He is very eager to meet you in the future. He thinks you are the best Dad and a man of honor. As for me, I feel lucky to have you both in my life.

How is everything with you? With an age almost approaching 60 years old, I want you to breathe in the free air. To be able to believe in "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance." To not be forced to do labor everyday. Most of all, I want your name to be cleared and all the Dafa Practitioners innocence proved.

Love with all my heart,
Your Daughter, Dandan

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