Friday, June 12, 2009

"American Heroes" Lt. Col. Oliver North

In American Heroes, NY Times Best Selling Author Lt. Col. Oliver North, offers an inspiring first hand account of the extraordinary young American volunteers, defending us against radical Islamic Terror.

Since 9/11, North and his award winning War Stories documentary team, have made a dozen extended trips to Afghanistan, Iraq and the Philippines covering American Hero's for FOX News.

With extensive experience as a decorated military officer, a counter-terrorism expert and as a documentary film maker embedded with American combat units, Oliver North has a unique perspective of the enemy we face and the qualities of those who protect us.

Illuminated by more than 300 full color images "American Heroes" offers a close up of this generation's "citizen soldiers" who have chosen the path of the patriot and gone into harms way for their countrymen. North's unprecedented access, his grasp of history and his lucid reports from the crucible of combat makes this stirring chronicle of courage, commitment, compassion and faith.

Thank God for American Heroes

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