Friday, May 8, 2009

Obama Pal Chavez, Seizes U.S. Company

Obama accepting a copy of Las Venas Abiertas de America Latina from Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez.

Obama's Pal Chavez, began seizing a major oil services project from USA based William Companies. Venezuelan authorities yesterday was preparing to take control of a major gas injection project from the American Company.

The White House has been silent on the seizure. Could it be because Obama sees nothing wrong with the government nationalizing private companies as they have done with Government Motors and Chrysler?

On the 20 April, I wrote here that Obama, helps to legitimize Hugo Chavez with photo-ops, of the two of them shaking hands.

Former Bill Clinton Advisor Dick Morris wrote, "Despite the proof
of political imprisonment, repression of liberties, confiscation of newspapers, electoral violence and fraud, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tells Chavez that, "ideology is so yesterday" and Obama gave Chavez a "yo bro" handshake."

More here from Reuters UK