Thursday, May 14, 2009

John Murtha's, Change We Need?

The FAA has approved using $800,000 in federal stimulus dollars to repave an alternative runway at a regional airport in PA which only sees 3 commercial flights a day arriving from Baltimore, MD

During last years Presidential Campaign, Murtha called Pennsylvanians Rednecks which may explain why it is that the "Change We Need" federal stimulus dollars, are not getting back to the areas hardest hit by unemployment in Pennsylvania but instead is being wasted on porkulus projects?

Elk County, PA is not seeing any federal stimulus money despite their 13.8% unemployment rate didn't "Hope-n-Change" promise that money needed to be spent quickly to create jobs?

If stimulus money needed to be spent so quickly to revitalize the economy, why is it that less than 6% of federal stimulus dollars have been distributed to the communities hit hardest by the recession?

H/T: Xiao-Mei---Xiexie