Sunday, May 31, 2009

China's Littlest Hero Story Was A Hoax

The story made world wide headlines, Lin Hao China's littlest Sichuan Earthquake Hero so captivated the world at Beijing 2008 when it was told that after freeing himself from the rubble, he went back in to his collapsed school building to help rescue his friends.

It turns out the entire story was all made up.

Sad but while China and the world mourned the tremendous loss of life from the devastating 8.0 Sichuan Earthquake, which I have written numerous posts about here here and here during the last twelve months, with links incorporated to other posts. At the time, people in China were searching for something, anything good, decent and wholesome to grasp on to.

While I am not condoning the lie, I can understand why it occurred, during a time of great peril, Lin Hao's story, no matter how fictional
it turns out to be, was in some small way, therapeutic to so many.

It is a miracle from God that Lin Hao survived, he remains a little boy with all of the many opportunities so many of his peers, will no longer realize.

Despite being used by some Chinese Propagandist, none of it was his fault and hopefully he may grow up learning a valuable lesson just the same---better to be honest, ones lies will surely be found out.

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