Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama Photo-Op Frightens NYC

Stupidity definitely but "Hope-n-Change" doesn't stop to consider the consequences of his actions and here is just another perfect example.

In this image taken by Jason McLane from his cell phone, a 747 aircraft is seen flying low over NYC trailed by an F-16 chase plane. What were New Yorkers to think? Way to reminiscent of 9/11 a large aircraft buzzing Manhattan.

Scores of people were being evacuated from buildings,
Mayor Bloomberg along with people from NYC were terrified.

How incredibly stupid but what else should one expect from a President who is so very arrogant, thinking about himself first
along with his image around the globe are his top priorities.

More here from NY Post

Update: Obama won't even take responsibility for the $328,835 joy ride over Manhattan.

Harry Truman used to say, "The Buck Stops Here." Not with Obama,
he looks to others to take responsibility. The Obama Administration left another big carbon footprint. Last week I wrote here that Obama's Earth Day flight burned more that 9,000 gallons of Jet A

"Hope-n-Change" is constantly preaching that we must reduce our fuel consumption. It's the tax-payers money that is being wasted. What's it matter to Obama?

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