Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Obama Administration Misuse Of DOJ

Tea Party Protesters at the Tennessee State Capitol last week, hundreds of thousands of American's exercised their First Amendment Rights to protest Porklus federal spending, Bailouts and Socialism.

FBI Agents spied on Tea Party Protesters, unsuspecting Americans were being closely monitored during the demonstrations. The FBI began their covert operation last month gathering information about the Tax Tea Parties.

What potential crimes may have occurred by the
FBI surveillance? Who are the Attorneys advising the Obama Administration that gave the green light to Agents photographing and gathering information on Americans exercising their right to assemble?

Could the Attorneys that have provided legal advice to the Obama Adinistration and others, that authorized the missuse by the
FBI to gather information on Tea Tax Day Protesters, be prosecuted by the U.S. Atty in the next Administration?

Will Bush Lawyers be prosecuted for Legal Counsel that they provided?

Attorney General Eric Holder may want to be reminded, what comes around, goes around.