Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Forced Abortions In Guangzhou, China

The outside of Guangzhou Taihe Hospital is pictured where three young first time surrogate mother's were abducted by Chinese Authorities and forced to have abortions on the 28 February.

The maternity ward at Guangzhou Taihe Hospital, Guangdong Province

Xiao Hong, pictured looking up at the ceiling following her forced abortion by District Family Planning Officers. Xiao Hong, displaying her bandaged abdomen, where she was injected with a drug to induce labor. The other two young women, feared reprisals by Chinese Authorities if their pictures were taken.

No value for human life, Chinese Authorities continue to force abortions, even in Women that are nine months pregnant according
to NPR News.

In the southern China city of Guangzhou, three young surrogate first time Mother's, forcing them into a van and taken to a district hospital, where PRC authorities induced labor, forcing them to abort their babies.

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