Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Long War Ahead And Short War Upon Us

The wave of modern terrorism that led to 9/11 began in 1968 and continued for 33 years. Before the attacks upon the United States, the West offered only minimal desultory response.

The West downplayed Islamic Terror:

The West accepted Palestinian Terrorism as a legitimate attempt to recover lost territory rather than an existential war to destroy the State of Israel;

We failed to see Iranian Fascism as truly revolutionary in character;

We failed to grasp the reality that petrodollars funded not only
terrorist attacks but also that Arabia's propagation of fanatical
hatred of the West;

We proposed up tyrannical regimes in our search for Mideast "stability" and erroneously assumed terror would be episodic
and localized;

We treated terrorism as a criminal matter, rather than a form of
waging war.

The Long War Ahead And The Short War Upon Us from Author
John S. Wohlstetter, Senior Fellow at Discovery Institute provides
this assessment on the war on Islamic Fascism.

America has imprisoned itself into an absolutist interpretation of values and has failed to grasp how ingrained radical tendencies are
in Islamic lands, many of which have embraced the three worst ideas in history: Nazism, Communism and Islamofascism.

The Long War Ahead And The Short War Upon Us sounds as a wake-up call to head off an impending disaster.