Monday, March 16, 2009

Hope-n-Change---Does he know how to do anything but spend?

The furor over the huge federal spending under O-Bam-a, huge
$1.75 Trillion Deficit, obscures an even more basic question:
Does he know what he is doing?

That is, does he know how to do "anything" other than spend?

His stimulus package of course, took no special ability, he left the details to Democrats in Congress but his two major initiatives his banking and mortgage relief plans are both flawed and unlikely to solve their respective problems.

Indeed they're so wide of the mark not of Obama's ideology but of his basic competence.

The bank bailout plan seems to be largely still born. Having wished that the private sector would flock to invest in toxic assets if offered the right incentives, the Treasury Secretary is still hoping. Crossing his fingers seems to have replaced effective policy in planning.

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