Friday, February 13, 2009

Update Miley Cyrus Photo: "I was simply making a goofy face."

On the 03 February, I wrote here when this photo surfaced on the Internet that Miley Cyrus was apologizing all over the place. Why
was she apologizing because the photo became public? Apparently.

Time Magazine is reporting on Miley Cyrus's latest explanation
for the bigoted photo, "I was simply making a goofy face." So lets get this straight---Asian slanted eyes are goofy? Huh? Is that supposed to be her defense?

Bigotry is taught at home---Miley Cyrus's parents should be ashamed of themselves.

Little Children on a playground like everyone, they don't see anything except for other little children to play with.

The Walt Disney Company at their theme parks have an attraction called "Its a Small World" I love that attraction, it sends a very powerful and positive message.

Miley Cyrus has hurt the Disney brand, there is likely a clause in her contract about conduct, that may cause harm or potential damages to the Disney company.

Disney should fire Miley Cyrus just like Kellogg's fired Michael Phelps.

Terminating Miley Cyrus would send a strong and clear message that Disney will not tolerate bigotry, intolerance or prejudice by any of its agents or representatives, that they expect persons who they hire, will conduct themselves appropriately and will not potentially harm or embarrass the Walt Disney Company.