Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Ever Increasing Economic Stimulus

Via National Review Online

Senate Stimulus Waste:

$2 Billion earmark for future generation near zero power plant in Mattoon, Illinois;

$39 Billion slush fund for "State Fiscal Stabilization" bailouts;

$5.5 Billion to make federal building Green;

$200 Million for computer centers at community colleges and libraries;

$750 Million earmark for National Computer Center in Maryland

$650 Million for DTV converter transition program;

$1 Billion for Administrative costs;

$1.2 Billion for constructing new buildings for Federal Prison System,
FBI & U.S. Marshal Service;

$2 Billion for manufacturing advanced batteries for hybrid vehicles;

More Congressional Pork projects here from NetRight Nation

Hundreds of Economists Against Stimulus here from CATO Institute

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