Thursday, February 12, 2009

Economic Stimulus 2 On Track For Final Votes

The second multi-billion dollar economic stimulus has cleared Senate/House conferees and will be sent to Congress for final votes---the now $820 Billion dollar measure (after interest will surely top $1 Trillion Dollars) is at the heart of Obama's economic grandiose recovery plan but there are no assurances that this plan will open up "credit markets" any faster than the first economic stimulus.

Last week I wrote here "The One" has been warning that the sky is falling again. The first economic stabilization act was such a roaring success in the 4th Quarter, 2008---if one doesn't learn from history, we're destined to repeat it.

Now the taxpayers are going to spend another $1 Trillion Dollars during the 1st Quarter, 2009 with the promises by Obama and Congress that "this will definitely free up credit markets" and
get the economy moving.

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