Tuesday, February 17, 2009

China Beichuan Earthquake Hero Marriage

Via The Beijing News

Tang Shoucai, a prison officer from earthquake ravaged Beichuan County, Sichuan, China gained notoriety following a 28 May article in The Beijing News about his unselfish devotion, bravery and dedication subsequent to the catastrophic 8.0 earthquake.

Instead of checking on his family who lived 100 meters from where Tang worked, he along with other prison officers worked to save the lives of 17 trapped prisoners from the debris of the collapsed prison.

Tang, a devoted husband and father earning a modest salary was frugal with his money and a good provider for his family, going into debt to pay for his daughter's college education. Tragically when Tang returned home, he found his beloved wife and daughter had perished in the earthquake. God have mercy.

Following the May news article, Xiao Lixia, a 47 year old business woman wrote Tang a letter of condolences and included her phone number. On Valentines Day, Tang and Xiao were married.

May the Newlyweds, enjoy many years of happiness.