Monday, January 12, 2009

Craigslist Dangers, Abuse Of Women

Craigslist Ad---Pennsylvania Man Convicted for Pimping Children

Kevin Ott (likely a fictitious name) from Columbus, Ohio solicits dates and photos of Women on Craigslist---when Kevin's conquest does not subject herself to manipulation, the online predator sets up a website and continues to torment his victims.

Last night this predator was communicating with what he believed was his latest conquest---unknowen to Kevin, a camera crew was standing by ready to sand bag Ott, just as soon as he arrived at his latest rendezvous.

Kevin solicited a date in the early evening hours and the two agreed to meet unfortunately for whatever reason, Ott was a no show but did subsequently solicit full body photos of his date and requested that a new time be set up for meeting.

Like many other online predators before him, Kevin's power of persuasion is manipulation and should his victim not fully comply to his sexual demands, Ott will trash any Woman, manufacturing a story so he may continue to terrorize his latest conquest.

On 07 November I wrote here that Craigslist is a dangerous place to roam. Being pro-active in the war against the abuse of Women, Kevin Ott would have quickly realized that the tables had shifted, finding himself in unfamiliar territory, being unable to terrorize, abuse and manipulate his latest victim to comply with his diviant sexual appetite.

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