Thursday, November 29, 2007

Honorable Statesman Henry Hyde

Former Illinois Congressman Henry Hyde has passed away at 83 years of age, spending 32 years in the House of Representatives he had chaired the House Judiciary and International Relations Committee's.

The staunch Pro Life Republican, Mr. Hyde will be remembered for the Hyde Amendment first passed in 1976 banning public financing of abortions.

Mr. Hyde was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom earlier this month but was unable to attend the ceremony recovering from recent surgery. President George Bush said at the ceremony "...he used his persuasive powers for noble causes. He stood for a strong purposeful America...confident in freedoms advance and firm in freedoms defense. He stood for limited, accountable government and the equality of every person before the law. He was a gallant champion of the weak and forgotten and fearless defender of life in all seasons. Henry Hyde spoke of controversial matters with intellectual honesty and without rancor."