Sunday, November 4, 2007

DePaul Professor Suspended For Offending Muslim Students Cry Baby CAIR To The Rescue

Professor Thomas Klocek was suspended from DePaul University, following a campaign by CAIR---Dr. Klocek's transgression, engaging in an out of class argument with 2 Muslim students at a student activities fair on campus.

Dr. Klocek engaged the students in a heated discussion and supported Israel's right to defend itself against Islamic Terrorists, subsequently the students contacted Students for Justice in Palestine and United Muslims Moving Ahead and then filed a complaint with the school administration calling for Dr. Klocek's termination, both groups had the support of CAIR in Chicago.

Susanne Dumbleton, Dean of the School of New Learning suspended Dr. Klocek without any hearing, "...for expressing erroneous assertions..." to the Muslim students.

First Amendment groups such as the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education have protested the actions that DePaul University has taken saying, "...academic freedom can not survive when professors who engage in debate or controversial topics are subject to administrative punishment without even the most cursory due process."