Monday, November 5, 2007

China Seeks To Attract More USA Imports

Phoenix based Moon Bridge Corporate Liaisons has announced that the the Ministry of Commerce of the Peoples Republic of China and Zhejiang Provincial Peoples Government have contracted with the Phoenix based company in order to register and service American companies attending the 7th annual China International Consumer Goods Fair to be held June 08-12, 2008 in the Chinese port city of Ningbo.

The 4,000 booth trade fair is to encourage more importation of goods into China from the USA

Vincent Chan, Head of the China Research with Credit Suisse believes that China will become the second largest consumer goods market by 2015 trailing only the United States. China currently has the worlds fastest growing major economy.

China is in the midst of a major transformation away from Communist dictatorial control towards a laissez-fare capitalism. Representatives from the USA have encouraged China to stabilize the Yuan on global currency markets and China has been cooperative which has helped to stimulate a Chinese expansion and has created an explosion of entrepreneurial activity