Thursday, October 4, 2007

U.S. Senator's Wife Hadasseh Lieberman Addresses Jerusalem Center Dedication

Hadassah Lieberman took part this week in the dedication ceremony of Nishmat Jerusalem Campus dedication ceremony.

The Jerusalem Campus offers free Torah study classes for Women and holiday events for the entire Jewish community.

The curriculum being taught provides Jewish Women a high level of acquaintance with traditional Jewish texts in an environment of spirituality and commitment to Torah observance that will inspire Women, to take their leadership rolls and serve in their communities.

"The young Women who come to Nishmat, are enroute to universities, to professions some are starting new families and beginning to take their places in the larger world. Nishmat tells them, all you need is to be educated" said Mrs. Liberman.

Nishmat helps to develop young Women's potential as both scholars and leaders, opening the gates of rich Jewish learning of Torah values and devotion to Jewish life and the State of Israel.