Tuesday, October 2, 2007

True Minister or False Teacher?

On the 11th September I received an e-mail from the Reverend Jim Sutter the supposed champion of fairness and tolerance, in his mail this Man of the Sack Cloth wrote, "...It might make your magazine ads get a passing grade without...you know...having to use your special technique to persuade the instructor. Don't your knees get tired from that..."

The alleged minister who has never met me---I have no desire to meet him, knows nothing about me except for what I write here continues with the delusion that: (a) I am a college student at Ohio State University; (b) have intimate contact with professors at Ohio State University.

Having no shame this Islamic apologist who can not make a logical argument to support his positions has found it necessary to make up wild allegations about people in an effort to embarrass and silence his critics. Yesterday in his column at Hate Watch Hall of Shame the phony Navy Seal that claims to have trained with the IDF and being able to understand a dozen foreign languages has now labeled another critic of his a Satanist without any supporting evidence. The Man of the Sack Cloth Reverend Jim Sutter makes up ridiculous allegations in order to hurt people with the hopes of silencing his critics.

Last week I wrote about the Reverend Jim Sutter, the phony Navy Seal, that claims to understand 12 foreign languages, claims to have trained with the IDF and claims to have attended the Naval War College, of course the Man of the Sack Cloth fails to mention in all of his many claims that he was convicted in federal court for fraud and lying to the FBI.

This week the Man of the Sack Cloth & CAIR apologist has accused more people of bigotry in his column entitled On Need for a New Definition and has the audacity to make reference to the "...Greatest Commandment and basic Judeo/Christian values and principles."

The Bible warns the Christian community to be aware of false teachers and that one may distinguish a true believer of Christianity by their fruits. Matthew 7:15-16