Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Iran And Syria Partners In Terror

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad seen here with Iranian President Ahmadinejad defended their right to carry out it's nuclear activities according to the official Iranian News Agency.

According to Janes Defense Weekly, the recent Israel Air Force strike in Syria was ordered subsequent to an accident involving a joint Syria-Iran attempt to mount a chemical weapon on a scud missile. Engineers at a weapons facility accidentally released Sarin and VX Nerve gas into the air on July 23 killing dozens of Iranian engineers and 15 Syrian officers.

"Iran has drawn up plans to bomb Israel...Israel is within range of Iran's medium range missiles and its fighter bombers..." according to General Mohammed Alavi, in an interview with the Fars News Agency.

The White House said today that Gen. Alavi's comments were not helpful and that that it almost seems provocative. Israel Foreign Minstry Spokesman Mark Regev said, "...We take this threat very seriously so does the international community."

President Ahmadinejad has repeatedly threatened to "...wipe Israel off the map."

Gen. Mohammed Hasan Kousehchi said in an interview with IRNA News "Today the United States is within Iran's sights and all around our country but it doesn't mean we have been encircled they have encircled themselves and are within our range...U.S. Forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, in the Gulf, Kuwait has a major U.S. base, the U.S. 5th fleet patrols the Gulf is based in Bahrain and U.S. Forces Central Command in Qatar."

Iran expands its hold on the region by developing Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons---there is no longer any room for Iran or Syria to continue to lie about its intentions on producing weapons of mass destruction in light of the accident at its weapons facility in July.

Iran and Syria pose a very serious threat to both the United States and our best friend in the middle east Israel.

In other news, President Ahmadinejad asked for permission to visit the WTC site and lay a wreath during his visit next week when he attends the opening of the U.N. General Assembly. New York Officials quickly nixed that idea and denied his request. The United States has likewise denied the request for a Visa to Iran's U.N. Ambassador in Geneva as he was involved in the 1979 Embassy take-over.