Wednesday, September 19, 2007

General Petraeus 1 Democratic Leadership 0

The American public last week witnessed first hand the competent leadership that our Senior Military Leaders provide while witnessing the dismal failure of the Democratic leadership in Congress.

This is likewise reflective in the latest Zogby Poll Numbers for Congress which shows an approval level of a mere 11% a new all time low, surpassing it's previous record low of 14% in July.

President Bush's public approval rating stands at 29% which is nearly 3 times higher than the Congress.

General Petraeus demonstrated the incompetency of liberals, exposing their hypocrisy and ineptitude with the real issues facing our Soldiers and Sailors who defend our nation. The liberals are blinded by their own failings and have allowed far left political Muskrats such as to cloud their reasonings and sensibilities should any still exist. The Democratic leadership is disingenuous when they stand before the microphones preaching a message of failure and defeat.

Our nation is searching for leadership and statesmen as we move forward towards next years elections. Our nation is at war with Islamic Terrorist Thugs who are out to destroy our Republic and way of life.

The future of America rest not in mediocrity but in the constant renewal of leadership in every phase of our national life. President Herbert Hoover