Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fred Thompson For President 2008

Fred Thompson made it official and formally announced his candidacy for President with confidence. Beginning with a five day trip today into Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

A Clemson University Palmetto Poll of likely voters, finds Republican's Thompson & Giuliani in a dead heat at 19% to 18% Clinton leads Democrat's and is ahead of Obama, 26% to 16%

While some grumbled that Mr. Thompson should not have waited until September to enter the race for President and other's complained that he should have appeared in last nights GOP Debate...Fred Thompson upstaged the Republican Debate on Tuesday.

Senator McCain and Mayor Giuliani argued who was more experienced. Romney criticized Rudy Giuliani who promised Police protection for illegal immigrants in 1994 Rudy Giuliani replied that he merely offered Police help to curb the soaring crime in NYC for everyone.

Mr. Romney was criticized for allowing illegal immigrants to work in his yard and that Mayor's in his state have offered sanctuary to illegal immigrants.

With the entry of Fred Thompson into the Presidential race during the traditional start of the primary season, Senator Thompson offers Republican's that are searching for an alternative a candidate with Conservative ideals, driven by commitment, firm convictions and values and won't simply play lip service to Republican principles.