Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Democrat's Fund Raising Ethically Challenging

Norman Hsu, raised more than $1 Million Dollars for Democrats, a major fund raiser for Hillary Clinton---San Mateo County Superior Court Judge has issued a Warrant for Hsu arrest for failing to appear in Court for a bail hearing on a 15 year old Grand Theft Judge.

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, have accepted campaign donations from Hsu, who is believed to have fled the country.

Barack Obama will benefit from a fund raising event tonight hosted by Alex Giannoulias, tainted by connections with organized crime. According to the New York Post, Giannoulias was a former chief loan officer at a bank when he approved loans to Michael Jaws Giorango, twice convicted of book making and promoting prostitution.

Yesterday Barack Obama, proposed Ethics Reform legislation expanding regulations on lobbyists to reduce the influence of special interest money in Washington.

Democratic Presidential hopefuls are ethically challenged when it comes to accepting campaign cash for themselves, while proposing regulations on others.