Tuesday, August 28, 2007

CAIR & NIAC The Apologist of Terrorism

What does the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) have in common? Both have close ties to the Islamic Terrorist Group Hamas. NIAC is the apologist for Iran in America.

The Iranian government utilizes the lobbying efforts of NIAC to promote its propaganda. Under the direction of David Fenton, CEO of Fenton Communications, which has represented Cindy Sheehan, moveon.org and CAIR, Fenton is now also representing NIAC.

Both CAIR & NIAC have launched intimidation efforts to silence their critics.

CAIR's latest attempt to silence Robert Spencer, from addressing the Young America's Foundation (YAF) had received a great deal of attention.

CAIR had demanded that YAF deny Robert Spencer, the right to address its Student Conference in Washington, DC on the 02 August; On the 04 September at 9:30 pm Robert Spencer will be a guest on the Pastor Ernie Sanders Radio Program, WHKW 1220 AM Cleveland, Ohio--Exposing CAIR and its local apologist "Reverend" Jim Sutter. I have written an Open Letter to Sutter at Townhall on Monday, 27 August, 2007 after Sutter lied about me and attempted to intimidate me with his frivolous allegations. Sutter publishes several Blogs and has lied about his critics that have exposed him. Sutter has called Townhall a Hate Site.

In April, Hassan Daioleslam, published a detailed investigatory piece that exposed the origins of NIAC and its ties back to the Senior Leaders of Iran. (July 11, 2007--NIAC states on its web site they,"...have taken legal action against proponents of US-Iran war who have waged a defamation campaign against NIAC.") Attempting to silence their critics, NIAC files a law suit.

Iran's plan is to establish an Iranian-American lobby, to create a balance between competing Middle Eastern lobbies. One of the key goals of NIAC, is to convince Washington Lawmakers, that Sanctions on Iran are counter-productive. NIAC have worked hard on their goal lobbying Members of Congress, said Daioleslam.

NIAC forced producers to make significant changes in the movie Crossing Over according to the London Guardian (reported at Lynn Davidsons Blog--News Busters 8-9-2007) "...the movie plot featured an Iranian family and all scenes relating to an Honor Killing and phrase Family Honor were removed...rather than address the honor killings and violence against women (in Iran), the NIAC was (more) worried about PR...Hollywood screams about artistic integrity until the right group complains, then they bend over backwards to appease..."

President Bush has now announced that the U.S. Military in Iraq is authorized to confront Iranian Forces that are murdering Americans. NIAC (on its web site) is urging people to protest the Bush Administration's decision and NIAC says, "...U.S. Forces raided a Hotel in Baghdad and detained ten Iranians...this move comes amidst a campaign by the White House to escalate the rhetorical war between Washington and Tehran, in which the President has taken concerted new steps towards war..." (NIAC claims that some of the Iranian's arrested by the the U.S. Military were part of a negotiating team. What were the other's there for, to observe?)

NIAC claims that they are a non-partisan, non-profit educational group, dedicated to promoting Iranian-American participation in civic life.

NIAC like CAIR, utilizes intimidation to silence their critics and are engaging in propaganda and disinformation to undermine our national security and the safety of U.S. Forces abroad.