Monday, February 16, 2009

Xu Lia Chinese Blogger Stabbed In Beijing

Via KD Net

Xu Lia a Blogger better known as the writer behind "Pro States in Flames" was addressing a small group gathered at the Undirectional Street Bookstore about his literary experiences and creative ideas.

21st Century Economic Reporter Guo Jianlong, reported that he was on the first floor while Xu Lia, was speaking with someone on the second floor. Subsequently Guo, noticed some sort of commotion when he spotted Xu holding his stomach and leaning up against a
wall on the stairwell.

According to Xu Lia's wife, two Men grabbed Xu after his address and forced him into a restroom, sensing that something was wrong, she forced her way into the restroom discovering both Men holding knives and her husband badly injured. When discovered the two assailants fled the scene. Persons at the gathering had taken pictures of the attackers and there were surveillance cameras on the street.

It was reported that one of the assailants telling the injured Xu Lia, "You know better not to offend people next time." What does the Chinese Government know about this assault on Xu Lia? On the
06 January, I wrote here that Chinese Authorities have begun a
new assault on the Internet in an effort to stifle speech.

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